Thursday, May 31, 2012

Where do you blog, and what works best? The experiment continues.

A year after retiring this blog, I'm resurrecting it because the blogging experiment continues. Just as the publishing landscape continues to morph, so do all aspects of social media, marketing technology, and even the kind of blogging that beckons our attention. I doubt that any of these things, and blogging particularly, will ever become static.

For that reason I'm going to take another look at what I do here on blogger. I'm investigating everything from site traffic to topics I camp on between this and my website blog Write Reason.

My question for other writers is whether or not you've found a "best way" to blog. Do you host your own blog on your site? Do you use Blogger or Wordpress or some other popular blog host? I'd be interested in knowing what you've found to be most effective in reaching readers.