Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Look for the Old Blog

Blogging, web updates, and social networking are as akin to writers as house cleaning is to the population at large. Tasks are there, staring me in the face -- piles of unwritten posts (like dirty laundry) demanding to be uploaded. Tweets to share (like dust bunnies skittering under the sofa) await my attention. Outdated web pages (like questionable containers in the back of the fridge) need purging.

That's what I'm up to. I'm trying to face the most mundane parts of being a writer. For today, I'm unveiling a new look for my blog.

Part of my motivation comes from sheer frustration. My old blog (associated elsewhere) is giving me FITS, and I haven't posted new material in ages. Attacking this task, I encounter the same feeling I have when my closet needs sorting, and I realize my current system of organization isn't working to accomplish it.

So here I am, energizing for more clean-up. Extenuating circumstances have kept me from attending two conferences I'd planned for this month. In their place I've decided on fall online cleaning. What are you doing to re-energize, renew, or revive your online presence this season?

HEY, did you hear that TREVELYAN and PAINT ME ALTHENA are both now available in PRINT as well as E-BOOK? They're gorgeous to hold!