Friday, May 5, 2017

Finally Friday Flashback! on a Great Old Book - Journey Of No Return

It's finally Friday, and time to take a flash back to look at a terrific book from the past! This is a new blog series, so I hope you enjoy it.
There are so many books to choose from, and we all have favorites we've read over the years. Some are considered classics, and some might have resonated with us simply books I've enjoyed because they were great stories in their own right. So, let's talk about an old book that you may or may not have ever read, but I think you should.

I didn't know where to begin, so I glanced at my book shelf, and a book I've had for many years, and one that shaped my love for a particular genre jumped out at me. If you don't know it, allow me to introduce you to Bette M. Ross's Journey of No Return.

It can be read as a stand-alone, but you would do yourself a favor by first reading Gennie the Huguenot Woman and afterward, Hannah's Daughters. Journey Of No Return fits in the middle as it is part of this generational saga.

It is a tale of early America that settles on the story of three brave young people. There is Miss Hannah Roebuck, a courageous and lovely young woman in early America faced with heart-rending choices that help to shape the destiny of the new nation. There is the famous Shawnee leader Tecumseh, whose proud people have been deceived. Finally there is Micah MacGowan, a Scottish missionary whose life is also irrevocably changed during this time.

I loved this story! First off, I get swept up in early American history. I'm a fan of Allen Eckert's creative non-fiction, especially The Frontiersman (we'll talk about that one someday) and the stories of Tecumseh. This tale gave him and that period another light. Set against a fascinating panorama of American history, as well as a visit to the court of Versailles when Napolean offers America the Louisiana Purchase, the story is a strong romance as well. It's a love triangle, if you haven't guessed, and it will hold you spell-bound to the end.

This book's publication hales back to 1985. You might recall some of Ms. Ross's other novels such as Song of Deborah or The Thirteenth Disciple. She also penned a book called Our Special Child about parenting children with special needs.

If you enjoy current authors such as Laura Frantz or Lori Benton, you will enjoy this throwback novel Journey of No Return as well as the entire series.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

My New Cold Frame Garden Experiment

Hey, everybody, I am so excited! Last weekend my superman Jeff built the first of my two cold frames that I'm implementing in my garden plan this year. Fantastic, huh? Before you wonder if I'm a little behind the ball with springtime upon us, remember, I live in northern Wisconsin. Don't let the green grass in the picture fool you. It may be mid-April, but we are currently under a winter storm warning. Yuck!

Nevertheless, I'm anxious to start planting. In this box, I'll plant some cool weather crops like onions, lettuce, and maybe even a few peas. I'll leave them in there all season long. The next box will mostly be used for starting or housing things I'll move out into the garden later.

The box is ten feet long and about two-an-a-half feet wide. It's made entirely of recycled materials.

At the back, it's about 18 inches deep and about 12" deep in the front. The angle will invite the sunlight in, and I'll have plenty of room for some dirt.

I like those fancy handles he found somewhere...

The clear, plastic roofing will really help heat it up. I'll have to prop it open when it gets too warm for the plants.

It has nice big hinges to support the length of the door.

And here it is with some rich, black dirt inside. Eep! Fresh veggies, here we come!

What new things are you trying with your gardening this year?


Thursday, April 6, 2017

I Have An Announcement!

Today on April 6th, 2017, we mark a big centennial. Do you know what it is? Take a peek, because it's the perfect date for me to make a special announcement!

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