Friday, December 18, 2020

The Lady in Residence, by Allison Pittman -- Book Review

 A spell-binding time slip novel that'll make you turn up the lights!

5 Stars

Meeting Dini Blackstone in the opening pages, I wasn't at first sure I'd like this heroine. but the aura is so completely enveloping right there, I was compelled to go on. Sure enough, true to form (because I've yet to be let down by one of Allison Pittman's stories) Dini soon grew on me. I think the fact that the author so winningly captures the mindset of a truly introverted person was part of it. It wasn't long before I was completely charmed by Dini the magician's individualism and bits of weirdness.

Then there's Hedda. What a 1920s goddess. I wasn't sure what to make of her either. We are given a deep look into her mind, and yet we can't decide if she's a looney or being gaslighted.

One thing is sure, Allison Pittman gaslights her readers along the way--in the most delightful sense. She doesn't make us think we're crazy, but she makes us wonder what to think until the very last page.