Wednesday, February 12, 2020

One Fine Book Deal ~ Echoes of the Heart Series FREE, 99¢, $2.99!

I have been popping around on other blogs more than here lately, but on the chance someone might stumble by, I sure wouldn't want anyone to miss this chance to get the entire Echoes of the Heart series for $3.99, and the first book is FREE! (WWI-1920s)

If you love historical romance like I do, I hope you'll check out my series special through Valentines Day. Check out the terrific reviews. And to you I send a BIG VALENTINES HUG!

While you're on Amazon, take a look at my friend Tammy Doherty's Celtic Cross Collection. Her complete western series, set in the 1800s is available half price for $3.99.

Wishing you a warm and happy Valentines Day with plenty of book love! 💖