Friday, December 18, 2020

The Lady in Residence, by Allison Pittman -- Book Review

 A spell-binding time slip novel that'll make you turn up the lights!

5 Stars

Meeting Dini Blackstone in the opening pages, I wasn't at first sure I'd like this heroine. but the aura is so completely enveloping right there, I was compelled to go on. Sure enough, true to form (because I've yet to be let down by one of Allison Pittman's stories) Dini soon grew on me. I think the fact that the author so winningly captures the mindset of a truly introverted person was part of it. It wasn't long before I was completely charmed by Dini the magician's individualism and bits of weirdness.

Then there's Hedda. What a 1920s goddess. I wasn't sure what to make of her either. We are given a deep look into her mind, and yet we can't decide if she's a looney or being gaslighted.

One thing is sure, Allison Pittman gaslights her readers along the way--in the most delightful sense. She doesn't make us think we're crazy, but she makes us wonder what to think until the very last page.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Love Books? Silly Question. You'll want to attend this Facebook Party.

Forty authors (yes, 40!) are hosting a Facebook event called the Wyoming Christmas Extravaganza. It's not really in Wyoming, but it truly is an extravaganza. The party lasts for three days! This sounds like a Biblical wedding feast. It's definitely a feast of books. We'll enjoy games and chit-chat, and every author during their time slot from December 3-5 (Thurs.-Sat.) is giving away items and books, so there'll be over a hundred chances to win. PLUS, there'll be a triple grand prize giveaway. 

Readers...these are all paperbacks!

(There's a Fire Tablet and a $100 Amazon Gift Card up for drawing too!)

Besides all this, there'll be some freebies for everyone who attends.
(We're talking some luscious book downloads. *Sigh*)

So head on over and join the Whispers in Wyoming group page here:

You can enter for one of the grand prizes right now via this rafflecopter (or click on that image above):

Make sure you don't miss it!

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Launch Team Call-Out for Historical Fiction Lovers

Hey friends, I am expanding my launch team for my 2021 book release -- the sequel to Mist O'er the Voyageur. I've been calling it Song for the Hunter, but the official title is still to be determined. Want to join me on my team?

Here's what it means. You get a free, early read of the book in pdf format. I'll also send you some post cards and cover swag that you can use for yourself or pass on to your friends, your dentist, cousin Petunia, whoever you see.

Sounds great, right? 

As we are a team in this, here's your part. You commit to post a review of the book when it releases, wherever you can. Amazon and the publisher's site; Bookbub and Goodreads if you use those, your blog if you have one, and anywhere else (such as in those busy Facebook reader groups or other social sites). You'd also be willing to mention the book from time to time where appropriate -- in those same reading groups, on your personal profile pages, with your circle of friends at church, to your local librarian (yes, please!). 

If you've read Mist O'er the Voyageur, I hope you left a review. If you loved the book and would be thrilled to help me get the word out with the sequel, please let me know asap. Email me at naomimusch(at)naomimusch(dot)com.

Oh--and if you haven't read Mist, I hope you'll move it up your list. You can grab the e-book for only $2.99 on Amazon, and right now my publisher is having a big paperback sale on the LPC site. You can get it direct for 40% off plus free shipping (see the codes below). That offer is site-wide, so go do some Christmas shopping for your book lovers (or to sneak something into your own stocking). 

Thanks, friends!

Buy on Amazon

Buy from the publisher using a code below.


Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Book Review: Things We Didn't Say by Amy Lynn Green

I’ve just become an Amy Green fan. Have you ever watched someone finger weave? Or knit? Or stitch together an intricately-designed quilt? I can’t do any of those things, and I’m enthralled by watching those who can. But I do write, and I’ve been studying WWII POW camps on the home front, and maybe that’s why I am so in awe of Amy Green’s first novel (according to the author’s note). 

Using a very atypical story format, she has written what seems like a giant quilt pattern of relationships and story layers and laid each piece perfectly into place, seaming together a story rich with history, intrigue, and emotion. And like a finger-weaver, she kept hold of numerous threads at once and managed to snug each one tightly into place. She also resisted the urge to give away too much too soon, and I found myself trying to read between the lines of “things we didn’t say” to ferret out hints. All this combined it gave me a powerful reading experience. 

The story itself, written through letters by various characters, all pointing to a charge of treason against the sharp-edged yet endearing protagonist, is a format that had to have been extremely challenging to write, especially since much of the correspondence overlaps in time and through distance during the second World War. I applaud her skill, and most of all, her attention to historic detail. I look forward to seeing what she writes next.

Do love the WWII era and other stories set on the home front?

The Love Coward takes place just after the war.

Finally, Burke is home and Tulla's dreams can proceed as planned...or can they?

Available now in paperback and e-book.

Also on Kindle Unlimited.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

I have exciting book news! (x3)

So let's just get right to it.
1) I am so thrilled to tell you that I've signed a contract with Iron Stream Media / Smitten Historical Romance for the sequel to my 2019 Selah Award Finalist and two-time Book of the Year nominee Mist O'er the VoyageurSong for the Hunter will release in January 2022.

With the bizarreness of 2020, you could have blown me over when my agent called to tell me the news. In the months ahead, I'll share more about the story and the history along with some pictures of the setting (a favorite place). I will tell you now that the story takes place one year after the other book. In the meantime, if you haven't read 
Mist O'er the Voyageur, now would be a good time to move it up your queue.

2.) As you know, I've been reissuing my back list of out-of-print books under the Long Lake Books banner, re-edited, revised, and updated of course. I hope you'll join me to welcome the newest of those older titles. THE LOVE COWARD releases on November 6, but you can pre-order the e-book here. YES, there will be a paperback too. It was a joy to revisit Tulla's story. If you like sweet historical romance with a Hallmark feel, I think you'll enjoy it. 

WWII is finally over, and Tulla Johanson can hardly wait to move on and marry her long-time flame Burke Delgard. But when Burke backs out on their wedding day, and his best man Van finds her hiding her humiliation in his Hudson, it’s soon uncertain who'll turn out to be the bigger love coward? And what happens if all of them have a change of heart? READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE.

3) As for my final book news, I have a deal to share with you. October 8th remembered our nation's deadliest fire. Yes, it ran concurrent with the Chicago Fire, but Peshtigo's fire was farther north, consuming over 1,200,000 acres in northeast Wisconsin. News of what was happening up north was slow in reaching the governor, so many resources had already been rushed to aid Chicago. Sadly, the Great Peshtigo fire left an estimated 1500-2500 people dead. The reason for the wide calculations in mortality was because of the unknown number of people spread throughout the "sugar bush" country, including those at the logging camps, farmers, railroad crew workers, indigenous communities, and so on. To commemorate that historic event, my novelized story of the Peshtigo Fire is on sale for 99 cents today through Friday, October 24th. Five days only. Get it here.
Sometimes people ask if I have a favorite book baby. I couldn't choose a favorite any more than I could choose a favorite child, but the characters in The Red Fury are definitely near and dear to my heart.

About the Book:
Peshtigo, Wisconsin ~ 1870
Spurned twice since the death of her first love in a logging accident, Lainey Kade has become the object of talk. "That Lainey, she's a shrew all right. Not ever going to marry, likely," the gossips say. Fleeing heartache and flaunting convention, Lainey seeks solace instead in seeking adventure and breaking the rules.

Embarking on a journey, where she hopes to put the past behind, Lainey crosses paths with brothers Zane and Kelly Beaumont and pretends to be a married woman. It isn't long, however, before they find her out. She soon forges an adventurous companionship with these men whose nightmares since the Civil War have never let them return home.

Following the lead of the next thrill, the ties of their friendship tighten, and Lainey denies love's rekindling spark. But, as fires rage across the Wisconsin wilderness and a dry summer turns deadly, the brothers' attraction to her may tear them each apart, and Lainey may be consumed by the fury burning inside her.

Thanks for Reading!
During the course of the coming months, I'll be looking for some avid readers and reviewers to join my launch team. If you're interested in helping to get the word out about Song for the Hunter or any of my other books, please give me a shout out at muschfarm(at) or on social media. Thank you!

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Rafflecopter Giveaway! THE BLACK ROSE, and more!

Been a while since I posted, so what better thing to post about than a giveaway? I'm doing a 3-day rafflecopter drawing for a copy of The Black Rose. It's in conjunction with the Colonial Quills New Releases Tea Party on Friday night.

Head on over there to enter. 

Also, if you're so inclined to listen to a podcast now and then, I'd love it if you'd check out the interview I did on Alison Treat's Historical Fiction Unpacked podcast. Alison is a terrific interviewer.


Last but surely not lease, JOIN US on Friday, September 18th, for the Colonial Quills New Releases Tea Party. There'll be MORE chances to win great books! I'll be doing a second book drawing during the party. 

Find the Colonial Quills Tea Party HERE

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Waiting on a Grand-baby with these 9 Books, only 99¢ each

Hello, Sunday! I have really become a lackadaisical blogger, but you know, it's summer. Ah, the lazy days! Not really sure what that means. Summer is always so busy. I can hardly keep up with the demands of garden, lawn, farming, and hanging out with my grandchildren.

Speaking of which, #16 is on the way momentarily. My daughter is 4 days overdue. Isn't she gorgeous? She and her hubby did a maternity photo shoot up at the Lake Superior shoreline a few weeks ago. Now we're just waiting for Baby Girl to show up. This is her 4th baby (and, they say, the last). 

and on Facebook @ Jessamyn Winter Photography

While I wait for the blessed arrival, I'm catching up on some books on my Kindle, and pre-reading a couple of upcoming releases I grabbed off Netgalley. I've also really enjoyed a few audiobooks lately. My faves have been Elizabeth Ludwig's Irish immigrant stories "No Safe Harbor" and "Dark Road Home". 

I'm also downloading some of these. 9 authors (me included) are offering a 99¢ deal on these titles for the 9 weeks of summer. There really is something for every romantic taste, from suspense to historical saga to women's fiction. Check out the Summer Book Bash 2020.

Um...let's make that TEN Books, because The Deepest Sigh, the first in my Echoes of the Heart, series is also on sale for 99¢. (And here's The Green Veil link too.)

I hope there's baby news to report soon. How are you enjoying your summer?

Enjoying the long days,

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Summer Seeds & Summer Romance (30 Reads)

Summer Seeds
Garden Seeds: How does your garden grow? Mine has been quite contrary this year, with parts coming along but some seeds that just refused to sprout. That always makes me anxious, because of all the time and energy I've invested. Plus, I do a lot of canning, and our family depends on mounds of jars of veggies on the basement shelves over winter. I pray over every row I plant, asking God to bless each seed, but sometimes things just don't work out quite the way I have it in mind. Nevertheless, God always provides and blesses us in other ways.

Story Seeds: In fact, it's the same with stories. Right now, I have 5 unpublished manuscripts in various stages, from polished to work-in-progress, here on my laptop, awaiting their chance to "sprout".  They range from well-cultivated to not-yet-emerging. But they haven't found a publishing home yet. Would you pray with me for these story seeds, that they would find a publishing home at which to germinate well?

Precious Seeds: July is right around the corner. Between now and somewhere in the middle, we expect the arrival of two precious grand-babies, and we'll have one in the early fall too. Of all the seeds around me, these and the little ones growing tall are my most treasured. They are the seeds I most pray for, especially in this fallen Garden-of-Eden world we live in today.  Prayer for my little loves is the water and sunshine that will protect them and help them flourish. How have you been praying for your little seeds?
30 Kindle Unlimited Reads
 Summer Christian Romance

(Otherwise very reasonably priced ebooks if you're not a KU subscriber)

If you're enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, here's an ideal chance to "seed" your Kindle for some summer reading, and per-chance investigate some new-to-you authors. Check out these 30 KU sweet and clean titles in a variety of Christian fiction genres. 

Thinking of getting a new Kindle? I like this Kindle Paperwhite .  All of the books. None of the clutter. Now they have a waterproof version. Nice!
Here's to great growth for all your summer seeds and reads!

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Colonial Wilderness Fiction at It's Best and Most Romantic -- Book Review: Beneath a Blackberry Moon (Boxed Set) by April Gardner

I’ve had the good fortune of hooking into some stellar reads so far this year, but I have to say that of them all, April Gardner’s Beneath the Blackberry Moon trilogy (Creek Country Saga)  ranks as the most romantic yet. Gripping, while at times gritty and harsh, yet beautiful, tender, and utterly moving, I was utterly invested in this twisting, epic story. Gardner enriched the three-part tale with enough danger, uncertainty, and occasionally heartbreak, to keep me holding my breath from the very beginning and right on through.
Creek Country Saga

Friday, April 3, 2020

Quarantine Facebook Party for Book Lovers - Faith and Romance on the Frontier

Have you heard about the Smitten Historical Romance Facebook party tomorrow, Friday, April 10 (3-8 p.m. EDT, 2-10 CDT)? Join nine authors, win prizes, and for you writers out there, there'll even be a half-hour "Ask the Editor" session. Join us, won't you? Here's where you'll find us.

I'll be on from 6:30-7:00 Eastern (5:30-6:00 Central). The Grand Prize winner will receive a title from EVERY author, including my novel Mist O'er the Voyageur, and also a $50 Amazon gift card. PLUS, I'll be doing TWO more drawings for an e-book of choice and some swag. 

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Book Review: "Body Beats To Build On" by April Gardner

If you love the Emotion Thesaurus, you’ve got to add Body Beats To Build On alongside it in your writers’ tool chest. I just finished another round of rewrites on my work-in-progress. This time, I kept Body Beats beside me, and what a difference it made, as I was sweeping through the work looking for ways to tighten and heighten the emotional impact of the story.

Where the Emotion Thesaurus gives boat loads of ideas on ways our bodies react inwardly and outwardly to different emotions, Body Beats To Build On takes those actions and turns them into short, vivid descriptors, based upon different body parts and systems. Here are a few examples just based upon a few negative responses with the eyes:

*his sight was peppery
*the thrust of his gaze
*muscle twitched beneath his eye
*wielded her most cutting glare
*poison-tipped glare…

and these are only the beginning. (I really appreciated the section on the internal body systems, such as heart and veins.)

Body Beats addresses movement, frame and posture, skin, breathing, appendages, nose, ears, throat, non-facial expressions, and more. There’s even bonus material on Dialogue Tags.

I used the Kindle version of the book, which was very easy to jump around in. Sometimes using e-books as reference tools is difficult, but not Body Beats. It’s a little, straight-forward book, and I highly recommend it for every striving or established author.

Monday, March 2, 2020

Book Review: An Uncommon Woman by Laura Frantz

What praise can I give Laura Frantz’s An Uncommon Woman that hasn’t been given? She has written with beauty and precision the kind of story that absolutely grips me in this frontier tale. I was thoroughly swept away into a world of danger, humanity, and romance. 

Frantz’s characters, especially that of Tessa, the story’s heroine, shine through with the sort of vivid personality all writers want to capture, but not all do. When I met Tessa, it wasn’t long before I realized that the cover artist had rendered her perfectly. See that expression on her face? Know that when you read this book, you'll envision her just like that.

You'll clearly imagine other characters like Tessa’s aunt, “a fearsome wrinkle of a woman”, her brave and sometimes impetuous brothers, her long-lost and unusual childhood friend, and of course the hero Clay, called “Ghost Eyes” by the natives, because “his blue eye, it sees heaven. His brown eye, earth.”

I was also pleased with the creative yet accurate way that Ms. Frantz rendered some actual historical characters in the story, especially the volatile Simon Girty, someone with whom most modern readers are probably not very familiar. His presence immediately set me on edge. (If you know much of Simon Girty, it'll do the same to you.)

The peril of the times and the situations settlers faced in that over-mountain wilderness enthralls me. I can’t imagine their level of endurance. Ms. Frantz portrays such with beauty and truth, and she doesn’t shy away from harsh realities. An Uncommon Woman was an uncommon book, provoking in turns happiness, sadness, and content. This may have become my favorite of Laura's books, hearkening back to the likes of The Frontiersman’s Daughter and A Moonbow Night.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

One Fine Book Deal ~ Echoes of the Heart Series FREE, 99¢, $2.99!

I have been popping around on other blogs more than here lately, but on the chance someone might stumble by, I sure wouldn't want anyone to miss this chance to get the entire Echoes of the Heart series for $3.99, and the first book is FREE! (WWI-1920s)

If you love historical romance like I do, I hope you'll check out my series special through Valentines Day. Check out the terrific reviews. And to you I send a BIG VALENTINES HUG!

While you're on Amazon, take a look at my friend Tammy Doherty's Celtic Cross Collection. Her complete western series, set in the 1800s is available half price for $3.99.

Wishing you a warm and happy Valentines Day with plenty of book love! 💖