Monday, April 25, 2016

End of a Hiatus and a Book Review of Chateau of Secrets by Melanie Dobson

If you're stopping by and thinking my blog is dead, well, it's true I took I hiatus over the past few months. My husband was diagnosed with cancer this past winter, and we've gone through a rough haul with his treatment, but the prognosis is good, and I think he's turning the corner. Praise God!

So I hope to step back onto the page here pretty quickly. In the meantime, I'll start with a book review of my latest read and hope you'll hang around and visit the archives or my home page.


Chateau of SecretsChateau of Secrets by Melanie Dobson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am SO glad I didn't return this book to the library early. I had a lot going on and didn't think I'd have time to get into it. I started it slowly, so I wasn't falling into the story line right away. BUT I decided to settle in, and Wow! Chateau of Secrets has quickly moved to the top of my Best Reads of 2016 list so far.

Ms. Dobson weaves two stories together, the WWII story of a young woman in occupied France, living under the thumb (in her own home) of Nazi invasion, and the story of her grand-daughter, fleeing personal and public heartache and returning to France to search out the mysteries of what happened back then during the war. In the process, she opens up a vault of family secrets hidden for decades, all while finding healing for her heart along the way.

If you love a great WWII story, intrigue, romance, and a story line that keeps your heart pulsing and your mind guessing all the way through, you'll love this book.

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