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A Character Interview from "Never Forsaken" a Novel by Jennifer Slattery - and How YOU Can Help 2 Important Orphan Ministries

Today we’re visiting with Pastor T, the mission team leader from Jennifer Slattery’s novel, Never Forsaken. He’s here with one of his youth kids, Aubrey Dicky, and a couple who run an orphanage in El Salvador. After our little chat, make sure to listen for how you can help two important orphan ministries. Aubrey will tell you all about that, I’m sure.

Good morning, Pastor T. Thanks for stopping by.

Pastor T: Hi, thanks for having me.

God’s really drawn your church members to El Salvador orphans, hasn’t He?

Pastor T: Yes, He has. Not just orphans in El Salvador, but orphans in general. God would rather us live out our faith than act it out on Sunday mornings, and according to James 1:27, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” So that’s what we’ve been trying to do.

Aubrey, was this your first mission trip?

Aubrey: Uh … I’m not sure if I can answer that. Pastor T, will that give away the story?

Pastor T: I don’t think so.

Aubrey: Maybe we should call Jennifer. I’d hate to breach our contract or anything. It could get us sued, you know.

Pastor T: (frustrated) We didn’t sign a contract, Aubrey, and Jennifer’s not going to sue us.

Aubrey: You sure?

Pastor T: I’m sure.

Aubrey: Still … I’d rather not risk it.

That’s okay. We can talk about something else. Like what you’re doing now.

Pastor T: Looks like we’ll be talking lip gloss.

Aubrey: Yay! My favorite subject! Well, my second favorite subject. Maybe third favorite.

Pastor T: (clears his throat)

Can you tell me about this Mary Kay Make-over contest you’re part of?

Aubrey: Actually, I’m not part of it, per say, although I did receive some awesome samples. But I never got my photo taken or anything. That was Jennifer. And I think I’m largely the reason she did it. Well, she did it for the orphans, but I think my jewelry making sort of motivated her, along with all her research. I guess she read some pretty sad human rights reports about child labor, articles on sex trafficking, that sort of stuff.

Such a sad realty! So many children suffering from such unspeakable evil!

Aubrey: Yeah, it’s pretty overwhelming. I mean, when I first learned about child labor and sex trafficking, I was like, “What can I do??? I’m just a kid!” But then I learned about Fair Trade, and this Mary Kay contest, and I realized there’s a lot I can do!

Amen, Aubrey! By ourselves, it can seem like we’re not making much of an impact, but we must remember God has many others working alongside us. Combined, we can help bring about great, long term change! So tell us about this charity make-over event.

Aubrey: Sure! It was a blast, and it’s for a really great cause. We’ve coined it the “Beauty for the Broken” campaign. One of Jennifer’s friends is a Mary Kay beauty consultant. Apparently, Mary Kay does a lot of charity type stuff. This month they’re doing this make-over thing where people get to vote for their favorite before and after shot. The person with the most votes receives $5,000 for the charity of their choice, and their consultant receives $500.

So, that’s $5,500 going to charity, just for wearing lip gloss and blush?

Aubrey: And for flashing a winning smile. Or a really, really bad before shot. Which I think was Jennifer’s aim. Whew! Have you seen her photos?

Pretty bad, huh?

Aubrey: (laughing) To put it mildly.

So, how does this event help orphans?

Aubrey: If Jennifer and her beauty consultant win, they’ll give their donation to two orphan ministries: Gothreads and the Raining Season. But you all have to vote. Like a lot. (You can vote up to five times a day.)

That’s a lot of money.

Aubrey: Yeah, and Sharyline, the beauty consultant has a chance to win another $5,000 for participation, too. So really, this could lead to a $10,500 donation.

How can we help?

Aubrey: That’s the easy part! All you’ve got to do is vote, and tell your friends to vote, too. Five times each day. Maybe set a reminder on your phone or something.

Okay, so how do they vote?

Aubrey: Oh! Duh! Go to and vote for Jennifer! Make sure to share the link on FB, tweet it, blast it out through Youtube. Don’t forget, you can vote up to five times. Every day.  Oh, and one more thing. Please don’t say anything about the cheesy before and after pictures. At least, nothing negative. Although you don’t want to lie, either. It’d probably be best if you just didn’t mention them, except to say you voted. Make sure to do that, otherwise you won’t get your gift certificate.

Tell us about that.

Aubrey: Oh, that’s the fun part! To encourage all you lovely-lipstick wearers to vote, Sharyline Cochran’s  giving away a $10 gift certificate and a free make-over (in person or through Skype) to every voter who votes then tells us they did so in the comments here.

Sounds like a win-win. Friends, make sure to vote, and check out these great ministries:

(taken from their website) The Raining Season ( a ministry meeting the educational, spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of orphans in Sierra Leone

(taken from their website) Go Threads ( a ministry started by The Global Orphan Project started by GO Threads to: (a) generate revenue to sustain the costs of orphan care; (b) provide quality clothing, including school uniforms, for children in care and other hurting children; and (c) create local jobs in some of the poorest communities in the world. GO Threads represents a new and creative partnership to address poverty devastating children at the end of humanity’s line.


Jennifer Slattery lives in the Midwest with her husband and daughter. She writes for Christ to the World Ministries, the ACFW Journal, Internet Café Devotions, and Jewels of Encouragement. You can connect with her online at her devotional blog at or via Facebook at

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