Monday, August 5, 2013

Grace Awards Showcase: Entangled by Barbara Ellen Brink

The Grace Awards Summer Book Tour is well underway!
 Week one spotlighted Tracy Krauss’s Grace Award winning romantic suspense novel, Wind Over Marshdale.
 Week two spotlighted Susanne D. William’s young adult romance, The Life and Times of Lucas McGilley.
*This week the spotlight is on the Fredrickson Winery Novels, and more specifically the 1st book of the series. Note that there's a GIVEAWAY later in the post:

One lost summer is time best left forgotten…
 When Minneapolis attorney, Billie Fredrickson, inherits her uncle’s small California winery, she has no intention of actually moving to the west coast and starting a new life. Her only thought is to get it off her hands as quickly as possible. But her return to the winery after an absence of twenty years opens up more than the reading of her uncle’s will. Childhood memories, long-buried, begin to surface, prompting questions that no one is able or willing to answer.
 A late night prowler, a break-in at the winery, and an unearthed box of shocking photographs is someone’s way of pulling the welcome mat out from under Billie’s feet, but it only makes her dig her heels in deeper.
 Secrets lie buried beneath Fredrickson Winery’s innocent facade and Billie intends to get to the root. But disturbing the past lays bare the skeletons of others, including her mother’s. Can she live with the consequences of full disclosure or will she run home where everyone is Minnesota Nice.
 Entangled started out as a stand-alone novel but soon evolved into much more. The characters at the Fredrickson Winery took on a life of their own and demanded a sequel. Not only were my characters vocalizing their rights to live and make wine through another three hundred pages or so, but many of my readers wrote to demand a sequel as well. So, rather than have another argument with fictional characters or disappointed readers, I wrote the 2nd Fredrickson Winery Novel, Crushed.
Entangled book trailer:
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Barbara is hosting a giveaway on her blog for anyone who votes on their favorite cover for Book Three: Savor. You can enter at the bottom of the post HERE

Barbara Ellen Brink is the author of Entangled, Crushed, Split Sense (winner of the Grace Award), Running Home, Alias Raven Black, & The Amish Bloodsuckers Trilogy.

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