Monday, October 21, 2013

Dress Up the Holidays in Your Written World

What are you doing to dress up the holidays in your written world? Are you working on a special Christmas book release? Hopping along on a holiday blog tour? Are you entering a few contests to try and win some swag that will fill your own tank of inspiration? Are you joining or starting a holiday book club? Will you be writing letters to family and friends or putting out a special holiday newsletter?
What about articles? Do you write for regular periodicals, and if so, will you be sharing something special to help readers think about the true meaning and blessings of Thanksgiving or Christmas? Are you going to re-design your blog? Are you unwrapping ideas for a new novel?

Okay... enough of the questions. The point here is the approaching holidays are a great time to think about our writing in new ways. I'm not talking big changes or resolutions like we might focus on as we bring in the New Year, though we could include those, but just a way to keep ourselves inspired and fresh, and at the same time encourage one another. Let's brighten each others' holidays with a little bit of written cheer, shall we?
I might simply change up the wallpaper on my blog for starters. What are some of your ideas?

Write on!

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