Monday, June 8, 2015

A Little Introspection -- To Be the Person You Want to Be Around

Be the person you want to be around. I'm sure that's a famous saying. It must be. I'm thinking of it today because I've been around a lot of people this week -- and a lot of people have been around me. I'm practicing a little introspection and asking myself, am I the kind of person they want to be around, or do they merely have to? Being that kind of individual is a constant conscientious challenge that can change at any given moment, whether my mood is delightful or crabby. How do I project toward others on a regular basis?

I want to be the person another person -- you -- want to be around. I want to be an encourager, a listener, a comforter, a day-brightener -- someone whom you will walk away from after a conversation feeling a bit more uplifted, or at least, not let down or simply tolerated.

I live in circles where I often hear expressions such as, be like Jesus. Well, Jesus was certainly no push-over or door mat (why do some folk think that?). He occasionally expressed righteous indignation or strong criticism. But overall, people were drawn to him, at least until close to the time of his crucifixion when he got a little too radical for their comfort zones. But overall, he taught us to live in such a way that we resonate with actions and attitudes that Seek Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly. (At times, this requires speaking the truth in love, meaning with compassion and humility.)

Isn't that the kind of person we love to be around -- someone who loves and portrays character with attitudes of justice, mercy, and humility? Mm-hm.

What is that individual's counter-type? Narcissistic, self-centered, uncaring. Wow, strong words! Nobody really thinks of themselves that way, but the evidence is in their talk and their actions. What about if we examined those traits this way?
  • Somebody who is interested in their own needs and immediate desires more than the needs and desires of others. 
  • Someone who turns a blind eye to difficult circumstances that make them uncomfortable. 
  • An individual who is self-abasing, yet their humility is false and used as a way to extract attention or pity from others. 
Those kinds of people are easy to identify. Have I ever been guilty of being one of them? Yes.
But that's not who I want to be. I want to be the person you want to be around. AND, I want to be around other people like that.

How about you?

Have a terrific week, and may your outlook be fresh!

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Linds said...

You ARE a day-brightener. I love that phrase and the meaning behind it and it challenges me to do better! Thank you, Naomi!