Monday, October 24, 2016

Ask God Anything

I was just thinking about the utter simplicity of prayer. Yet it is anything but simple. It is our weak, finite voices, often only spoken in the quiet of our hearts, reaching out to transcend a space we cannot even imagine, to whisper in the ear of Almighty God, and while His heaven is somewhere we cannot see, he simultaneously dwells in our hearts, so close in fact, he hears the heartbeat of our prayers before they are even uttered.

And yet, it is simple.

It is a cry: Please, God. It is a lament: Oh, God! It is a sorrow: Why, God? It is a joy: Praise God!

We can ask God anything or talk to Him about anything. We are not limited to our needs. We are not compelled to praise. We are not bound by rules at all. God longs for our friendship, our companionship. We were created for this. When we go to Him with all our burdens, all our cares, all our joys, all our longings, we can know that he waits to converse with us. He will reply. We have but to listen.

So we can ask God anything. We can talk to Him about ANYthing. We can cry and plead and laugh. In short, we can trust Him with our hearts.

Prayer. So simple. Yet so profound.

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