Saturday, March 18, 2017

Thoughts on Book Reviews and Using the Five Star Rating System

A few guiding thoughts on the whole 5-star rating system for book reviews.

And not to repeat what I said, here are five further considerations:

1. Did you keep it short and readable? You don't have to recap the whole story. They can read that on the back cover. Just tell us how you felt about it.

2. Is this the kind of book you normally read? If you don't, say so in the review. We tend to judge our favorite genres differently than we do those other genres we don't read as often.

3. What is your reason for giving the rating the number of stars you did? Was it a random choice? Do you have requirements for each star value?

4. Have you cross-posted the review in several places? Goodreads? Amazon? Barnes & Noble? On your blog? You should. It really does help.

5. Have you promoted your book review on social media? If you hang out on Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, or any other site, please do!

Leave a comment about the things you consider important in leaving or receiving book reviews.

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