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Introducing Special Guests: Characters from Deborah Kinnard's "Angel With a Back Hoe"

Welcome back, friends! I'm very excited to bring to you an interview with the characters of Deborah Kinnard's new book Angel With a Back Hoe, which is releasing tomorrow, 10/1/09 from Desert Breeze Publishing. If you enjoyed Deb's Angel With a Ray Gun, then you know you can expect a great read. So, allow me to introduce to you the two main characters of this modern day romance, Diane Marshall, and Paul Cameron.

Hi, Diane. It's great to meet you in person. I'm so glad you decided to share your story with Deborah. Before your story starts, you are trying to overcome a broken heart. Would you say that that was the most important event in your life up to that time? Why or why not?

It sure was traumatic. It even shook my faith to some extent. See, I figured God had answered prayer. I just didn't know He was saying "no". Maybe I was too stubborn or set on my own way, to see that at the time.

What did your parents think about you choosing the line of work you are in? Was going against convention this way difficult for your family to accept?

Mom was all for it, probably because she had a conventional "woman's" job her entire working life. By now she's bored by it and can't wait to retire. My dad left when I was small, and as far as my brother Connor--I never cared what he thought one way or another. Connor's a jerk.

My first impression after reading your story, is that you struggle with a fair amount of insecurity. Would you agree; and, how did you, with that disposition, ever decide to become a lady building contractor?

In high school I was good at math and the science courses that dealt with physical things. Sometimes I was better than the guys! They'd tease me and call me a wonk and suggest I get glasses so I'd look the part. I suppose I learned to develop a thick skin early. I also learned to hide how it hurt, sometimes, and get secure in myself in a different way than some other girls do. Prayer helped a lot! In college, the counselors looked at my grades and test scores, and asked if I'd ever considered engineering. I said, "I sure have!" and the rest, I guess, is history.

Prior to coming to DeBrett and facing up to your insecurities and the chance for a new life, is there anyplace you habitually felt uneasy, or least at home?

I can't think of anywhere--except anywhere Connor is. Did I mention he's a jerk?

Many of us would like to know how you were first introduced to Deborah Kinnard? Was it a fast friendship right away?

Not at first. I met her at church. She's a little older than me and has a big laugh and a bit of a loud mouth. We shared a table at a Christmas event the year before Paul and I met, and I got a chance to talk with her. She's a kind lady though most people don't realize that at first.

What made you decide to share your story with her?

I didn't, not consciously. But she talked about how a woman can feel powerless, and can become resentful of God, whose timing is always exactly right. She told me she'd had a similar experience to mine with Nick, and it really deepened our friendship. Once Paul and I were engaged, I confessed the whole thing .

Are the two of you very much alike? If so, in what way? How are your personalities different?

She thinks we're similar, but we're not. She's spent her entire career in a mundane sort of job. She wanted to be a doctor but was held back and held herself back, I think. I saw what I could be good at, and went for it.

Might you ever work with her again in the future? (Maybe give us a sequel?)

It's possible--you never know! Maybe she'll settle right here in DeBrett once she retires!

Did you ever keep a journal while your were enamoured of Nick? And if you did, what sort of things would Paul find if he looked in it?

I did keep one for a short while. When Nick linked up with Lauren, I got very upset one night and I burned it. So that's one thing I don't have to worry about Paul reading!

What's going on with you these days, if you can tell us without spoiling the story?

Paul and I are hoping to start a family. That hasn't happened yet. He's fine with that so far, but I'm feeling a little anxious about it. Meantime, I'm establishing RCS-South, and we've already got several renovation jobs lined up for next season. I work from home, and I love it.

How are all the folks in DeBrett? Anything exciting going on there since the story?

Actually, yes. Joe Texidor and...well, he told me not to tell anybody. Trouble is, in this small a community, everyone I'm not supposed to tell has already heard!

Is there anything about Paul that you would change if you could?

He's too careless sometimes. I'd change that, maybe...although this impulsive nature is part of what I love most. He's in love with life, and it shows. This is how God made him to live, and the reckless ways are all part of that. I try to get his back and keep him as safe as a wife can.

Have Nick and Paul ever met?

No, and I hope they don't. I'm not sure what Paul would say to him. See reckless nature above.

What's the most romantic date you've been on lately?

We drove up to Oakwood to see Pam, Mom and his parents. Paul took me back to my favorite Polynesian restaurant, the one we went to the night he proposed. That place will always have great memories. Plus, they serve very tasty fish!

Thanks, Diane.

Well, Paul. You've been listening patiently while Diane has told us a few things about the two of you. What about you? How do you feel about sharing your story with thousands of people? Can you tell us anything about the process of sharing your story with Deborah?

It was all my wife's idea. Kind of a woman thing. I don't see why women are always making fairy tales out of everything, but Diane wanted to do it, so... I'm a bit more private than my wife is. I'm the one who made Mrs. Kinnard change our names and the name of our town, though. I don't want a fan club!
I can tell you're a ladies' man. Have you ever known to write love letters? To whom? Diane, or your former wife? Anybody else?

I stick to e-mail. And I don't get soppy. If I like you, I'll tell you to your face.

Were you as much of a romantic before you became a believer?

I barely remember the time before I became a believer...nah, that's not quite true. I don't really like to dwell on the past much. Before I believed, I guess I got around quite a bit with women. I like women. But I didn't treat them like people, maybe. I had fun dating, and I'm, like, a normal guy. Do we HAVE to talk about this?

Well, how about one more question on that. Does Diane ever get jealous?

I don't know yet. I don't pay much attention to other ladies, if that's what you mean. If a guy gets married, he oughta pay attention to the lady he's got. If he wants to run around, he should stay single.

How about you?
Well, there was this guy who hurt her pretty bad, before me. If I ever run into him, I'm going to take him apart and put him back together inside out. But no, I'm not jealous of a git like that.

Have you and Diane disagreed about anything recently? Are you willing to tell us what about, if so?

All our disagreements are based on her doing stuff she shouldn't do. Mostly on the job sites. She's not very big. I tell her when she's overdoing it, and she knows I'm usually right. So she stops doing that stuff. I think.

If you can tell us, would you be willing to share what some of your current hopes are for the future, now that so much has changed in your life?

Like, do I want kids and stuff? Sure. Most of that stuff is private, though. I want Diane's business to grow and all that, so she has a bunch of trusty employees by the time God sees fit to give us kids. My own gig is doing all right just like it is. And I think I'd like to go on missions trips in Central America, if the Lord allows. I haven't talked about that with her, so don't mention it, okay?

Well, I can see that you guys know how to keep things hopping in your relationship. I bet readers will want to know all about it from the beginning. I believe they can check your lives out further by visiting Deb's site: or by hopping over to Desert Breeze Publishing and downloading the Angel With a Back Hoe for their Kindle.
Deborah Kinnard likes writing "Sassy Fiction for Today's Christian Woman". She is the author of Angel With a Ray Gun which has recieved a Coffee Time Romance award, and she is slated to release Seasons in the Mist, a medievel time-travel romance with Sheaf House in the spring of 2010.
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