Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tomorrow's First Guests

Welcome to The Secret Lives of Characters, where we'll delve deeper into what's behind the lying eyes, the daring dreams, and the promising romances of characters as they live both in great fiction and in the minds of their authors.

It's time to get this new adventure up and running! I hope you'll stop in tomorrow, September 3rd, to help me welcome some special guests from Lynette Bonner's new historical romance: Rocky Mountain Oasis. Three of the characters from Lynette's book have agreed to stop by and tell us a little more about themselves and what made them tell their stories. If you've ever enjoyed an interview with actors on the Tonight Show, then you'll enjoy meeting characters from some of the newest books being released in Christian fiction.

I hope you'll stop back tomorrow, and listen to a few things that these characters have to say which you won't hear them say directly in the book.

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K.M. Weiland said...

I absolutely love your blog's name!